Wonderful Service

Thank You for the wonderful service - it is much appreciated!

Gary Clelland

I am a Fan

Skippers has been my favorite restaurant for more than twenty years, so you can say I'm a bit of a fan. I'm glad this location re-opened (or I'd have to drive a few hours for another location!) Super stoaked to check out the Longview location. The customer service here has always been top notch (randy was quick to answer my allergy questions, very helpful. Glad my allergies went away and could eat here again.) and the food quality is perfection . Can't wait for my next visit!

Kylie Harrell

Love Skippers

I love Skippers and the fish is excellent at least at the Hazel Dell location. It is still not quite as good as when they cut their own fresh cod everyday, then the breading was thinner and the fish plump and moist. I grew up living by the Rosens and went to school with Stanley Rosen.


Great Fish

We used to go to Skippers 3-4 times per week,then they changed the fish. All the Skippers around Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom counties closed one by one from this one act at trying to slip one by their regular customers. All the Skippers outlets are now owned by Asians and the food is inedible, what a calamity.  The Vancouver Skippers is the exception - their fish is like the original that I remember.



Love this website, especially the coupons!